A step-by-step practical and proven roadmap to break into the business of making music for the world's biggest brands.

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What others are saying...

Your instructor - Tommy Zee - is an award winning industry veteran who's helped talented musicians to make money with music for big brands.

"I owe it all to Tommy. Within the first few sessions together, I was able to sell my music to some of the world's biggest brands. His friendly, encouraging mentorship took me from being really green in the industry to feeling capable and confident. I would encourage anyone interested in learning how to enter this world to learn from Tommy Zee."

Jeff Lurie

Composer / Producer

"Tommy hooked me up with some of my first projects when I was just getting into the industry. That was 10 years go. Today I make my living making music for iconic brands and I am still working with Tommy. So if you want to learn the ropes, and understand how this game works, you should work with Tommy too."

Naren Rauch

Award Winning Composer

Your journey starts now.
Say hello to your guide.

My name is Tommy Zee. I make my living making music for the world's biggest brands. Brands like Nike, Google, BMW, Heineken, Toyota, Honda and many others. I love finding new talent, mentoring them and watching their music (and their wallet) blow up on big brand campaigns.

Many talented musicians have no idea that they can make money with music in the world of big brands and so...

This is why I created a step-by-step practical and proven path to help talented musicians make a living making music for big brands.

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This is not just a masterclass. This is a method for making a living with your music.

No bullshit, no scams or schemes.

Just a step-by-step guide from fellow musicians who are already in the business of making money for the world's biggest brands.


Understand the Business + Craft

Learn from industry insiders about how music for brands is made and how to sharpen your business / studio skills to break into the business.


Prepare for Contact

Practice on real life case studies of big brand campaigns. Learn how to build your portfolio and online presence so that you get noticed.


Break Into The Business

Make contact with the industry. Learn who to contact and how to contact them so that you make the connection and get your first shot.

Are you ready to make a living with your music?

The 7 Week Masterclass that will take you from wondering how to turn music into your career to following the path of musicians who are already doing it. No more selling your singles for pennies to people who already stream it for free. No more counting on pennies from streaming royalties.

If you are serious about making money with your musical skills:

Isn't it time you made music your day job?

"Tommy brought me onboard a few projects with big brands. He guided me through the process and the work. The work was challenging but also fun and rewarding, creatively and financially. I recommend Tommy to any talented musician who wants to break into the business of making music for big brands!"

Ali Lacey aka Novo Amor

Artist / Singer-Songwriter / Sound Designer

Follow in the footsteps of folks already doing it.

Discover how countless musicians around the world are making music, making money and making new fans - working with the world's biggest brands. It's your turn to become one of them. Enroll Now to begin your journey.

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7 Weeks of Step-by-Step Lessons and Tutorials

Easy to follow roadmap that teaches you the business, prepares you for contact and shows you how to get your first gig.

Over 400+ Minutes of Value Packed Video Lectures

Over 400+ Minutes of Value Packed Videos that cover every aspect of making music for brands.

Real Life Case Studies

Model the success of fellow musicians who are already in the game. Learn from their stories - follow in their footsteps.

"Tommy won't teach you how to fly, but he'll show you how to land."

Sean Christopher

Dumont Dumont Recording Artist / Composer

The Making Music for Brands

7 Modules / 7 Weeks of Lectures / +++ Bonuses

Does this sound like you?

  • You have the musical talent and the tools but no clear plan for turning music into your career...

  • You have a million unfinished sketches (and loops) sitting on your hard drive, but no idea what to do with them...

  • You don't really want to be a star on stage, you just want to spend your days in the studio - making music and getting paid for it!

  • You spend your precious days doing work you don't like, only to leave the work you love (music!) to nights and weekends...

  • You're desperately dreaming of making music your full-time career...but where to even start?!

  • You've tried to make money from your music - but you realized that selling or streaming your singles for pennies won't feed you...

  • You're wary of strangers (and scammers) online who make promises or offer the "same old" advice that doesn't work...

  • You heard amazing music on big brand campaigns and wondered where it came from...

  • You wish someone could show you the way, someone who's already doing the very thing you want to do...

What if you could:

  • Have a clear plan to transform your talent and your tools into a thriving creative career

  • Turn your best but unfinished sketches into songs or scores for big brand campaigns

  • Spend ALL your days in the studio while getting paid for your work (without worrying about record deals, tours, radioplay)

  • Stop spending your days doing work you don't like - and make music your day job!

  • Stop dreaming and start doing - following the exact footsteps of musicians "on the inside"

  • Stop counting on people to pay you pennies from singles and streaming...and start going where the money is: Brands!

  • Find and follow folks you trust, who are already in the game, and who can show you the way in

  • Watch your songs, scores or sounds get millions of views on big brand campaigns!

  • Follow a simple (but not easy!) step-by-step program that would give you clarity and focus on the path toward your dream

Frequently Asked Questions

(Real Questions / Myths That Keep Popping Up)

Couldn't I figure all of this out on my own...for Free?!?

Allow me to answer your question with a question: why haven't you already? You could try to get your info from folks on forums scattered all over the net. That's free. Or you can get serious and join a comprehensive, step-by-step path taught by the best in the business - all in one place - with lifetime access. "The choice is yours." (Blacksheep)

Musicians don't have money to spend...especially on courses.

Musicians find ways to buy thousands of dollars worth of gear. If music is your hobby, then spend whatever you want without worry - it's your hobby! But if you are serious about your career as a professional musician then ask yourself: can i afford not to invest in the kind of things that will make a critical difference in my career as a pro musician?

I don't have much much time will this take?

I once heard this funny expression: "I don't have time to stop for gas, because I have to keep driving!" Haha. Whether you invest in this masterclass or not - I believe you should always make time to learn about your business and craft. Otherwise, no matter how fast you're going - you'll be passed by those who "stopped for gas". The masterclass takes 7 Weeks - with about an hour of lessons to process and whatever time you dedicate to "homework" practice. You don't have to complete the masterclass in 7 Weeks - you can do it at a pace that is comfortable for you.

What if I take this class and still fail?

Nobody can promise you anything. But if you are honest with yourself and believe you truly have the talent, then follow the step-by-step path as instructed: Success might not be immediate but it is inevitable. For those of you who belong in this business - failure is not possible. Just stick to the system and sooner or later you will get the break.

Do you also teach production techniques and studio skills?

Yes, we go through some real life case studies of campaigns and how they were composed and produced. We will cover tips, tricks and techniques of composers who scored these commercials. But we do not cover basics of music production. This is not a course for beginners...this is for folks who already have music production skills and want to learn how to take it to the next level and apply it in creating songs, scores or sounds specifically for big brands.

If you are already successful - why are you selling this product?

We could ask the same question to Hans Zimmer, Carlos Santana, Deadmau5, and Timbaland - all of whom are still active and succesful as artists yet teaching what they know over at Masterclass. It's not doing the 1000th commercial that motivates me today - it is finding and mentoring new talent - teaching everything I know and watching it transform people's lives. That's more powerful and lasting than an epic BMW commercial.

"Tommy has helped me to get onboard some big brand campaigns for: Toyota, 2018 Winter Olympics, and Toronto Metrolinks. Tommy patiently worked with me, playing to my skills and strengths - helping me to confidently present the best version of myself. Tommy has definitely helped me to concentrate and hone my sound."

Tony Ofori

Actor / Rapper / VoiceOver Artist

Here's everything you can expect.

The Making Music for Brands Masterclass is only for those who are serious and committed to a life of remarkable musical craft.

What will I learn
  • How music and brand industry works from inside

  • How to sharpen my studio and business skills to break-in

  • Who to contact, how to contact them to get your first gig

Who is this for
  • The serious and talented musician looking to make a living with music

  • Artists, singers, songwriters who are looking for extra income from projects

What’s included
  • 7 Modules of Step-by-Step, Actionable Lectures

  • Over 37 + Hours of Value Packed Video Lessons + Cases

  • Hard to reach Industry Insiders sharing their secrets and lessons

What’s next
  • Enroll today for Lifetime Access.

  • Follow the teaching, work your ass off!

The Making Music for Brands Masterclass.

The only one of its kind, proven and practical step-by-step program that helps talented musicians break into the business of making music for brands. Made by accomplished musicians, for those who are about to be.

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No Risk Refunds. No Questions Asked.

This masterclass is made by fellow musicians who have a good reputation in the industry. We worked our ass off to create a remarkable masterclass that will share everything we know about breaking into the business. If you're not totally satisfied for some reason - email us within 30 days of purchase and we'll refund your money - no questions asked.

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Making Music for the World's Biggest Brands

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